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The Institute of Packaging SA welcomes you to the Student Gold Pack competition and to our website which we trust you will find interactive and useful. The website provides the project briefs and useful guidelines on how to approach your project.

The competition is open to any registered tertiary education student; in particular in the three disciplines of Packaging Technology, Graphic Design and Food Science & Technology. It provides students with a unique opportunity to demonstrate their excellence and creativity in developing packaging solutions and concepts.

Packaging brings together a unique blend of materials, technology, design, and marketing. This competition is also a unique blend The organisers do not expect students in one particular discipline to be packaging, design and marketing experts but they are looking for those students who display an insight into the challenges of packaging and the interaction of the multiple disciplines required in this exciting industry. By undertaking this project students will gain a wider insight into the interesting world of packaging and enhance their existing career in the industry. Participation will showcase a vital example of their skills to their CV’s and portfolios. You also stand to win prestigious prizes and cash.

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